The COVID Pandemic of 2020 set us back but did not put us down. We are coming back strong in 2021. The 2021 comeback TCA convention is about getting back together and experiencing joy and friendship. For the first time in TCA history, we are going to experiment with a different kind of Competition. There are NO RULES. We will not have traditional competition with make-up, costuming, skits, performance, balloons, face painting, etc. All Awards will be determined by the People’s Choice.


Open Mic (People’s Choice award)


We have two opportunities to compete in an open mic setting. Everyone has the opportunity to put together a skit, a poem, a routine, a song or anything else you want to perform.  After each open mic night, we will have the people in the audience vote for their favorite act. So put together a performance and share…this is your chance to shine.

• Thursday, August 5 – 8:00pm – TCA board Ice Cream Social and Open Mic

• Friday, August 6 – 7:30pm – Open Mic event


Paradeability (People’s Choice Award)


Parades are meant to be seen by the public, so we have secured a spot at the Killeen Mall to perform our Paradeabilty. On Saturday morning we will all carpool or walk across to the Mall and take our group photo. Then we will perform parade skits for the public. This will not be an official TCA competition, but we will ask the audience to vote on their favorite skit.

• Saturday, August 8 – 9:45am – group photo (Killeen Mall)

• Saturday, August 8 – 10:00am – Paradeability (Killeen Mall)