2010 TCA Convention Award Winners


Single Balloon

1st Place Francisco Juarez

2nd Place Mary Morris

3rd Place Tie Martha Warren and Peggy Barton


Multiple Balloon

1st Place Mary Morris

2nd Place Dennis Carter

3rd Place Jeannette Sanders


Balloon Arrangement

1st Place Mary Morris

2nd Place Martha warren

3rd Place Diana McCurtain-Talbert


Senior Make-up

1st Place Martha Warren

2nd Place Kathie Jamison

3rd Place Lana Sue Fridge


Auguste Make-up

1st Place Diana McCurtain-Talbert

2nd Place Jorge Vasquez

3rd Place Valerie Bandy


Other Make-up (this category included White face, Tramp and Character)

1st Place Olivia Adamson Whiteface

2nd Place Kathy Keaton Character

3rd Place Mary Morris Character


Single parade

1st Place Kathy Keaton

2nd Place Lulu Mire

3rd Place Kathie Jamison


Group Parade

1st Place Kathy Keaton, Sass Papasan, Linda Greene, Claudette Hayes, Susan Butler, and Kay Henry

2nd Place Mary Morris, Michelle Lewis, Gay Giles, and Hope Short

3rd Place Patsy McMillan and Judy Cornett


Single Skits

1st Place Lulu Mire with "French Cooking with Foolia Child"

2nd Place Martha Warren with "How Much Is That Doggie"

3rd Place Mary Morris


Group Skits

1st Place Aurora Krause and Diana McCurtain-Talbert in "At The Fair"

2nd Place Linda Greene, and Kathy Keaton in "Bubba's Burger Barn"

3rd Place Lana Sue Fridge, Carolyn Kerr and Wanda Carter in "You Can Bank On It"



1st Place Francisco Juarez

2nd Place Mary Morris

3rd Place Martha Warren