Convention Events


Theme Party

We are planning a fun Theme Party, it will be a Clown Prom! Who will you ask to go to the prom with you? Do you remember what you were wearing at your High School Prom? As a reminder, you might want to pull out those pictures again to get some ideas or maybe have a good laugh. Oh the many memories and crazy fashions styles of your past high school daze.

Oh yes, you get to be the creative designer of your very own Clown Prom Dress, and we can’t forget about how the guys will be dressed looking ever so stylish in their Clown Leisure Suits or Clown Tuxedos.  Plus we will have a contest for the Most Creative Homecoming Mum. As we all know that wearing Homecoming Mums to a Friday night football game is a Texas Thang!  Be creative in making yours for the contest! Oh one more thing, you may want to start thinking about who you want to nominate for King and Queen of the Clown Prom.